The Ayahuasca Defense Fund

May 30, 2016 | English | 0 comments

Many of us have benefitted, or even had our lives transformed, through working with sacred plants. To many, ayahuasca has become an important means to establish a deeper connection to oneself, one’s family, environment, nature and life. For centuries these plants have played a crucial cultural role in indigenous and religious traditions around the world.

Shockingly, ayahuasca and other traditional psychoactive plants such as San Pedro, Peyote, Iboga and others are increasingly under threat from law enforcement agencies and understood as a new drug trend that endangers public health. Right now, in many countries, both the givers and receivers of these plants are facing arrest and prosecution for ritual and ceremonial use of sacred plants.



Initiated by ICEERS and led by a team of experts with a proven track record, The Ayahuasca Defense Fund (ADF) has been uniting high-level expertise in ayahuasca legal defense, policy and science in order to start turning the tide of ayahuasca prosecution worldwide. We are ready to:


  • work with people facing prosecution worldwide to assure the best legal strategy and defense
  • advocate for sensible and tolerant legislation and public policy
  • educate and protect the global community by providing a hub of resources and information

The Time Is Now

Right now, people leading, facilitating and hosting ceremonies risk having their lives ruined by criminal prosecutions. We are concerned and troubled by the possibility that well-meaning and sincere people could go to prison for their responsible use of ayahuasca.

Thanks to them, a global community has formed around the ceremonial use of these plants. We invite you the members of this global community to stand in solidarity with these people and help to defend them.


The Plan

We can win high profile cases and set important legal precedents throughout the world by being highly organized, prepared and proactive, and having the right resources on hand. This doesn’t just help the individual at risk of punishment. It sets legal precedents that open the road to more sensible, human-rights-based policy. Each of these cases can be a game-changer meaning that in the future responsible and ethical practices can be legally protected. We have already started doing this important work… but we need your help to do it with the best tools and resources.



Right now, there are crucial legal battles being fought involving people who dedicate their lives to responsibly and ethically holding ceremonies with these plants. By taking decisive action now we can win these cases, and through sharing information and resources we can proactively move towards a more progressive legal situation together.


To this end, ICEERS has assembled a global team, specifically hand-picked for their experience and relevance to this vital task. The team has already been giving a huge amount of their time  to begin this process but a campaign of this magnitude needs more resources to be properly sustained and to support this initiative we need to stand up as a global community.


A Global Community Working Together

How can you help? Please give as generously as you can. Many of us pay for our individual healing and personal growth. If enough people give for our collective healing and protection, imagine what we can achieve together for our community and society at large.

Together we can work towards a world in which all human beings who want to benefit from these important sacred plants can do so legally and safely.

With your support as members of the global community, we now urgently seek $110,000 to assure the critical Ayahuasca Defense Fund core functions of ongoing legal advice and support to those in need, advocating for important policy change, and educating the global community about the complex legal situation in the coming years.

With the core functions assured however, our ambition is to build a substantial permanent fund with the financial capacity to invest in precedent-setting cases as they rise to higher levels in the courts, and to engage in effective public policy reform work around ayahuasca and other traditional plants that requires much greater funding (previous cases at supreme court level have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more and full-fledged policy reform and media strategies have an important cost).  So please give generously over and above this initial target if you can, or consider setting up a regular ongoing donation or a commitment to match-donations or specific financial contributions for specific territories or cases.



We are dedicated to building a strong, permanent Fund capable of responding to current and future legal and public policy challenges. To do that we need to harness the support and financial contribution of the international community. Please consider contributing to our cause and promoting it in your personal and social networks and media channels