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Psychedelics as Ideagens — Seeding Our Minds in the Psychedelic Renaissance

Psychedelics’ psychotherapeutic uses are widely known; their entheogenic uses are becoming better known; but as generators of ideas ¾ ideagens ¾ they are practically unknown. I expect that their ability to generate ideas will turn out to be their biggest contribution to humanity’s future. Let’s look at psychedelics as ideagens that are seeding our minds and already flowering in the Psychedelic Renaissance (Sessa 2017).


The opioid crisis in North America

The Global Commission on Drug Policy today released a position paper on The Opioid Crisis in North America. With some 64,000 drug overdose deaths in 2016 in the US alone, the extent of the opioid-driven public health crisis cannot be overstated. The members of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, several of whom faced similar crises while occupying the highest levels of government in their own countries, share their views and recommendations on how to mitigate this epidemic.